"Telemaks" (JSC "Batis")

"Telemaks" (JSC "Batis") The core business of the company is wholesale and retail trade of the household appliances. At the moment there are more than 14 supermarkets in St. Petersburg. The company has got the wholesale department.

Aims of the project

  • Development of the united information space for the Russian subdivision of the holding
  • Automation of bookkeeping
  • Automation of pat roll computation and HR management
  • Automation of the operation

Key Results

  • Implementation of the unique “MiniMaks”mechanism (the system of the automated control of the remains of the goods and their renew in virtue of nomenclature matrix

Daily the system automatically makes the inner orders from the main warehouses books the goods for the retail shops. The system as well analyses the remains of the goods in the retail shops and in stock, demand in goods in the shops and prioritises of the shops. In case of lack of the good it’s replaced by the analogue.

The mechanism of automated creation and delivering the order to the suppliers is realized. While making these orders the system analyses the remains of goods in the shops and in stock, consigned goods and nomenclature matrix.

At the process of implementation the following blocks were improved:

  • Stock bookkeeping The operation inventory flow is distributed in time (dispatch from the storage and storage entry aren’t simultaneous processes). Inventory and decommissioning can be realized for the group of the storages (it’s necessary while differentiating one actual storage into several virtual )
  • Creating orders and orders entry
  • Disposal of goods The mechanism for credits control is realized. The information on credit sale if gathered in the special file. The documents reflects the reciprocal payment with banks, payments on the main body of the credit, interest and paying out of the credits
  • Cash flow accounting There is a mechanism for money conversion
  • Reciprocal payments with clients
  • Prime cost and formation of pricing Extension of the price formation ( while price formation the prime-cost, last price and the price of the competitors are taken into account)

The number of workplaces: 110

Implementation term: 6 months

Business applications: "1C:Accounting 8", "1C:Enterprise 8. Payroll & HR Management", "1C:Enterprise 8. Trade Management"