JSC "AGROIMPEKS" is the supplier of the cacao products, peanut, raisins and coating chocolate for the food industry and bakery production since 1994. The high quality of the ingredients is provided by the world-famous foreign producers. JSC "AGROIMPEKS" provides the products from Europe, Asia, Africa and America only after carrying out tests for the satisfying all the Union State Standard.

Aims of the project

  • Automation of company activity, including logistics accounting
  • Automation of the regulated accounting and implementation of the consolidated accounting for the company subsidiaries
  • Fast set up of the system to the operation

Key Results

  • Keeping the administrative accounting in the united information system (including long-distant storages and subsidiaries)
  • Stock bookkeeping
  • Keeping the supply handling and dispatch in one system for all subsidiaries
  • Booking, assignment of quotas
  • Control of the logistics processes in the administrative accounting
  • Control of supplies
  • Recording of the inventory flow from the storage, goods in transit, transporting
  • Unified reference data

Expansion of the system functionality:

  • Automated creation of the documentation set
  • Acceleration of the managers and operators’ work
  • Automated exchanging of the information between the systems , thought if necessary manual transition is possible
  • The unique system of the management accounting which helps to create necessary forms of consolidating accounting
  • “Desktop” is the special interface, developed for the users sharing the same functional
  • The system of integration with bank-clients; also there are some additional adaptation for importing/exporting data with other systems

The number of workplaces: 60

Implementation term: 12 months

Business applications: "1C:Accounting 8", "1C:Enterprise 8. Payroll & HR Management", "1C:Enterprise 8. Trade Management"