CJSC "Dorinda"

CJSC "Dorinda" is the main developer and owner of the hypermarket chain "OK" . The company is not only carrying out the developer projects of the "OK" hypermarket, but also constructing super and hypermarkets on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Aims of the project

  • Realization of the thorough accounting for the subdivisions of the company allocated to the separate balance sheet as well as not allocated.
  • Running of the income, expense real profit accounting for each allocated subdivision
  • Transferring of the accountancy system from "1C:Accounting 8 release 1.6" to "1C:Accounting 8 Corp. release 2"

Key results

In the course of the implementation there was a transition of the reference data and account balance at the beginning of the year.

There was an adaptation of the printing forms, processing and accountings for the needs of the configuration "1C:Accounting 8 Corp. release 2". Typical configuration allowed to realize intercompany transactions with the help of Aviso documents and also to record financial documents.

The main system capabilities:

  • Generation of the bookkeeping and tax accounting
  • Running of the tax accounting for the income tax
  • Taxation: Simplified Tax System and Single tax on imputed earnings
  • Lot accounting
  • Tuning of the bills for the production stock accounting and payments from contractors
  • Accounting for the several enterprises in the separate data bases
  • Accounting for the several enterprises in the common data base
  • Possibility of the configuration management of the applied solution
  • Multiuser operating mode, including client/server operating mode
  • Geographically distributed data bases
  • Supporting of COM –connection and Automation server.

The number of workplaces: 50

Implementation term: 1 month

Business applications: "1C:Accounting 8 Corp"