LLC "Ruric Management"

LLC "Ruric Management" is the part of Russian subdivision of the company group Ruric AB (Sweden), which provides the whole range of service on the real estate market of St. Petersburg - from the investment in the construction and development to realization of the projects and management of the commercial real estate objects.

The core competence of the "Ruric Management" is the commercial real estate of St. Petersburg, office rental from the owners, without commissions and in the business centers.

In the assets of the company there are three completed projects of the commercial real estate: business centers in St. Petersburg "Mangus", "Gustaf" and "Oskar"; two current development projects "Moika/Glinki" and "Fontanka, 57"; and land in Strelna.

Aims of the project

  • Transferring of the bookkeeping data bases from the platform "1C:Enterprice 7.7" to the common information space based on the platform "1C:Enterprice 8"
  • Getting of the reliable bookkeeping and finance accounting for each legal entity as well as for the whole company.
  • Budgeting and control of its fulfillment; coordination and acceptance of the payment
  • Recording of lease arrangements for the contractors as well as for the rental objects
  • Running management accounting in the different currency

Key results

In regulated accounting

  • In the course of the project reference data was synchronized and transferred from the 7 bookkeeping bases of the “1C:Enterprice 7.7” to the common information base “1C: Leasing and Real Estate Management 8”
  • Staff information, employees’ payroll history was transferred form the program “1C: Payroll & HR Management 7.7”
  • Creation of the several external HR and income taxation accounts
  • Creation of the printing forms of the sources in compliance with multi-currency accounting and clients’ needs

In management accounting

  • Realization of the recording of lease arrangements in compliance with dates, sites, providing of the additional service, deposits and overdue interest
  • Realization of the lease objects accounting suitable for generation of the reports with different specification and graphical representation
  • Running of the payments with tenants for the agreements, periods of payments, objects of leasing, services, and bills.
  • Creation of the management accountings in compliance with demands of the foreign management company.

In finance accounting

  • Implementation of the subsystem Budgeting and Exchequer

The number of workplaces: 10

Implementation term: 3 months

Business applications: "1C:Enterprise 8. Manufacturing Enterprise Management"