JSC "RUSAL Russian aluminum-magnum institute" was established in 1931.

RUSAL VAMI has a great experience of scientific research and engineering in manufacture of the light metals. It has got various Russian and international certificates of quality standards ISO (International Organization for Standards) 9001-2000.

According to RUSAL VAMI projects more than 40 enterprises for manufacturing of the alumina, magnum and electrode production were built all over Ex-soviet republics and foreign countries (China, Turkey, India, Israeli, Egypt and Yugoslavia).

Aims of the project

  • Planning of work of the main and other activity (working plan formation and cost calculation)
  • Budgeting (formation of the monthly and annual budget)
  • Up-to-date records of performance index; making of management reporting
  • Pay-roll calculation and HR management
  • Bookkeeping and tax accounting

Key Results

Integrated system enables to:

  • Maintain accounting of precious metals as fixed assets
  • To allocate incoming VAT among fixed assets pro rata to earnings
  • To allocate costs in various ways for bookkeeping and management accounting
  • To calculate bonuses for participation in projects for each order for scientific and research / design and survey works on the basis of actual time of work on the projects
  • To allocate costs on work compensation and taxes related thereto in the bookkeeping among projects (topics) pro rata to time of work on the project
  • To enter, to store and to form reports on information about skills upgrade
  • To enter information on days of vacation to compute compensation or deductions related to such days, over the period in which they were given in the document “Dismissals from the Companies”. To fill them in automatically in the document “Computation at Dismissal of an Employee”
  • To form the following reports:
    • Remaining days of vacation as of given date
    • Report on birthdays in the given month
    • Multipurpose report containing amounts of ESN (Uniform Social Tax), FSS (Social Insurance Fund), Occupational Accidents, NDFL (Individual Income Tax) over a period with possibility to adjust selection and grouping settings
  • To exchange data with enterprise treasury system on the basis of SAP
  • To exchange data with corporate automated system of project control
  • To record of specialists’ labor contribution during the core activity
  • To calculate costs and compute the prime cost of the service during the main and other activity. It’s worth to mention that on each stage of allocation of the indirect costs different allocation data basis can be used.
  • The new project of the book of accounts in respect with the enterprise specification was made. The new analytic methods were added for more precise analysis of the mutual exchanges with partners.

The number of workplaces: 51

Implementation term: 12 months

Business applications: "1C:Enterprise 8. Manufacturing Enterprise Management"