OJSC "VNIIRA" - Russian company, one of the worldwide leader of creating and production of the radio electronic means of air traffic management. Russian scientific-research institute of radio equipment is one of the oldest Russian enterprises.

For more than 60 years "VNIIRA" determines the development of the radio technical systems of air traffic control, navigation and metrological systems, maintaining a position of the worldwide leader in this sphere.

Aims of the project

  • Creating of the file depot via the mechanisms of the “1C:Document Folw 8”  for more flexible distribution of the access rights to the files and documents
  • Organization of the common information flow and unifying all the users into one information net
  • Automation of the paper work flow
  • Automation of the tasks setting and up to date notification
  • Control of the tasks fulfillment
  • Automation of the work flow in the law department
  • Making the process of concluding agreements quicker and more transparent
  • Creation of the united information space
  • Automation of the budgeting
  • Automation of the Pay-roll calculation and HR department
  • Increasing of the accuracy of the schedule time

Key Results

  • All the subsidiaries of the company work in the united information space
  • The system is synchronized with the accounting system - there is an information sharing
  • Automation of the inner documentation
  • Creation of the united file depot
  • Remote workplace, using Web

At the first stage all the users’ files were downloaded to the system with the distribution of the access rights to the information recourses. Then gradually all the main departments were connected to the system. Later there was a synchronization of the system with the accounting system on the basis of "1C:Enterprise 8. Manufacturing Enterprise Management”.

The structure of enterprise and contracts are migrating between systems providing the common centers of the information flow. At the moment the automation of the administrative office is being carried out. The system is being supported by the IT department of the company. The amount of users is constantly growing due to connection of the new services and departments.

  • The budget regulation is developed
  • The cash flow regulation is developed including following stages:
  • Regulation for the requests for money spending and budget control
  • Regulation for the register of payments
  • The regulation for payment schedule
  • The rules of data generation for the budget on the basis of the management accounting were developed with the possibility of transparent analysis
  • Automation of the book-keeping
  • Automation of Pay-Roll and HR department

As the result of the automation the finance department got the more efficient budgeting system. It simplified the analytical reporting for budget. Also the numerous analytical budgeting structure allows creating the detailed budget analysis which was impossible earlier. Automated requests for money spending and budget control appeared which helped the management group to plan and analyze the cash flow on-time.

The number of workplaces: 370

Implementation term: 12 months

Business applications: "1C:Enterprise 8. Manufacturing Enterprise Management", "1C:Document Folw 8"