GK "StoraEnso" Wood Sector of Russia

GK "StoraEnso" Wood Sector of Russia – is one of the five brunches of the "Wood Sector" concern of "StoraEnso". The main aim of "Wood Sector of Russia" is to provide uninterrupted supplies of timber to the "StoraEnso” plants in Europe from the appropriate sources in accordance with the customer’s requirements. The strategy of the company is based on the principle of stable wood exploitation and corporate responsibility of the "StoraEnso" cocern.

Total volume of wood supply of "Wood Sector of Russia" in 2005 is 7,5 million m3, from which more than 1 million m3 was harvested independently by timber procurement subsidiary enterprises. "Wood Sector of Russia" is the greatest supplier of timber in the North-West of Russia. Timber of "Wood Sector of Russia" is supplied to the "StoraEnso" plants in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and sawmills of Russia.

"Wood Sector of Russia" joins 10 regional offices, lumber company and two head offices in St.Petersburg and Imatra. The number of "Wood Sector of Russia" staff is about 2000 people.

Aims of the project

  • Development of the united information space for Russian subdivision of the holding
  • Automation of the bookkeeping
  • Automation of the pay-roll calculation and HR management
  • Automation of the operation
  • Automation of the timber procurement activity
  • Accounting according to the IFRS (international financial reporting standards)
  • Automation of the terminal operation

Key Results

The following system is successfully developed and integrated:

Accounting system. System assignment:

  • Regulated accounting
  • Taxation
  • Getting of the internal accounts with the necessary specifications

Pay-roll calculation and HR management. System assignment:

  • HR management: staff recruitment, questionnaire, training, financial motivation of the staff
  • Regulated personnel records and pay-roll calculation
  • Getting of the internal accounts with the necessary specifications
  • Automated value substitution

Dispatcher of timber stockpiling. System assignment:

  • Management of timber stockpiling
  • Own conception of the interface. High-priority task: maximum of simplifying of the user’s work and detalization of the accounting
  • Maintenance of documentation (specific for the industry sector)
  • Computation of the normative and actual petroleum expenses
  • Pay-roll calculation for the employees working on the timber stockpiling and other manufacture
  • Keeping of the calendar of work
  • Different internal accounts
  • The data downloading on the pay-roll calculated in "1C:Enterprise 8. Payroll & HR Management" system was projected

IFRS (international financial reporting standards). System assignment:

  • IFRS was realized like “mapping” tuning, i.e. correspondence of RSA (Russian Accounting System) and IFRS . (Generation of the IFRS data in the end of the selected period)
  • Some new documents were added for the mapping of the certain operation in IFRS, which can’t be corresponded in RSA unambiguously (e. g.: amortization of fixed assets, revaluation of foreign currency account, etc)

The number of workplaces: 150

Implementation term: 12 months

Business applications: "1C:Enterprise 8. Payroll & HR Management", "1C:Accounting 8"