GK "Composit"

GK "Composit" has been the acknowledged leader in the supply of the materials and equipment for the production of the goods from fiberglass and artificial stone.

Success of the GK "Composite" is provided by the following factors:

  • The wide distribution net all over Russia
  • High-qualified and experienced staff
  • Accurate choosing of the equipment range and materials for clients’ needs
  • Own manufacturing and testing base
  • Maintaining of the trade stock
  • Constant line extension due to the clients’ needs

Aims of the project

Development of the united information space for the sake of the improvement of the performance monitoring and making management decisions on the basis for the reliable data

Key results

Development of the united information space on the basis of “1C:Manufacturing Enterprise Managment”. For this moment the following subsystems are successfully used in the company:

  • Sales Management
    • Direct wholesale sales
    • Wholesale sales with the scheme of the commission trade
  • Purchasing Management
    • Direct wholesale purchasing
    • Wholesale purchasing with the scheme of the commission trade
  • Storages Management
  • Order Management
  • Cash management
  • Equipment management
  • Supply management
  • HR management
  • Pay-roll
  • Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Increasing of the efficiency due to the delimitation of the users’ rights and roles.

The number of workplaces: 15

Implementation term: 7 months

Business applications: "1C:Enterprise 8. Manufacturing Enterprise Management"