CJSC "Burevestnik plant"

CJSC "Burevestnik plant" was established in 1934 in Gatchina on the basis of corporate association "Jupiter", producing household metalware. In the month of July 1967 due to reorganization of the enterprise the corporate association was turned into electromechanical plant "Burevestnik" of the Ministry of the shipbuilding industry.

From the plant’s 80 years long history 47 years fall at the period of shipbuilding industry for the Russian Navy. The enterprise fulfils the government orders qualitatively and contributes a lot in the development of the Russian shipbuilding.

Aims of the project

  • Providing of the management group with the latest information, which helps to decide on advisability of production of the new goods and react in time on the market changing
  • Cutting costs on data imputing and processing, increasing of information actuality and as a result broadening options of the analysis, planning and management of enterprise resource for the increase of the competitiveness
  • Control increasing of company activity on the part of management
  • Increasing of everyday activity of the staff

 Key Results

  • The system of the management accounting was developed. The basis for the broadening of the data analysis and management decision-making was prepared.
  • As the result of the implementation of the project the methodology of the accounting has changed
  • Staff redundancy
  • The problem of duplication of information was solved
  • The decreasing of time for data imputing and processing due to simplification of the coordination between the subsidiaries; increasing of information actuality
  • Cash flow automation, on-time planning and fixing the true data in the tax accounting and bookkeeping
  • Automation of the procurements, sales, production and storage with the existing business scheme
  • Implementation of the budgeting segment

In perspective the segment of motor transport of the enterprise is going to be automated. Moreover "Burevestnik" plant has got a sport center with swimming-pool and gym. Automation of the sport center and other non-core assets is the next aim in the project development.

The number of workplaces: 35

Implementation term: 6 months

Business applications: "1C:Enterprise 8. Manufacturing Enterprise Management"