CJSC "Bonnier Business Press"

"Bonnier Business Press" – is one of the five subdivisions of "Bonnier Group". It publishes the newspaper "Delovoiy Peterburg" in St. Petersburg since 1993 and "Delovaya gazeta. Ug" in Krasnodar. It also develops the internet portals dp.ru (St. Petersburg), dpmoney.ru (Moscow), dg-yug.ru (Krasnodar). The structural subdivision publishes daily press in 10 countries of Europe:

  • Sweed, DagensIndustri
  • Danmark, Borsen
  • Latvia, DienasBizness
  • Lithuania, VersloZinios
  • Estonia, Äripäev
  • Poland, PulsBiznesu
  • Bulgaria, Pari
  • Croatia, business.hr
  • Slovenia, Finance
  • Russia, Delovoi Peterburg

Aims of the project

  • Supporting and maintenance of the corporate system on the basis of the changed 1C program
  • Implementation of the IFRS and Budgeting
  • Implementation of the store accounting

Key Results

  • Typical configuration
  • Regulations were developed for gathering necessary data for delivering of the accounting to the foreign investors
  • Automation of the data gathering for delivering of the accounting to the foreign investors
  • The following system is successfully developed and integrated:
    • IFRS
    • Budgeting
    • Bookkeeping
    • Pay-roll
    • Purchasing
    • Sales
    • Equipment Management
    • Cash management

The number of workplaces: 20

Implementation term: 6 months

Business applications: "1C:Enterprise 8. Manufacturing Enterprise Management"