LLC "Balttransnefteproduct"

LLC "Balttransnefteproduct" is exploiting oil-products pipeline "Vtorovo (Kstovo)- Yaroslavl – Kirishi - Primorsk", which is the result of the project "Sever". Having been put into the operation in 2008 the oil-products pipeline opened the "Baltic window to Europe", providing the new channel for exporting the light oil-products to the European countries. Thereby the export of the raw oil was replaced for the export of the refinement products. Realization of this project decreased dependency of the Russian light oil-product export on the bordering countries and reinforced the power safety and economy of Russia.

Aims of the project

  • Development of the united information space
  • Uniting of the bookkeeping system with the management accounting in one configuration
  • Creating of the cross functional mechanism of the interaction of the responsibility centers and unification of the planning and accounting processes on every level (vertical and horizontal)
  • At the beginning of the implementation of the software there was a merge of the several legal entities at the enterprise. Employees of the GK “SoftBalance” had to develop the method, describing this process and all the peculiarities in the accounting and taxation.
  • Creation of the conception of the management accounting (for the efficient registering of all factors)
  • Automation of the accounting: the complex accounting of the fixed asset, overalls, production and general running costs, the prime-cost computation, regulation of the month-end closing; working with the bookkeeping analytical accounts.

Key results

  • Creation of the common regulations of the management accounting for the whole subdivision of the holding
  • Creation of the common method of the business activity transaction, which helped to increase reliability and transparency of the bookkeeping and tax accounting
  • Full control of the document flow at any stage and blocking under the violation of the algorithms
  • Control of the deviation from the plan-actual due to the highly importance to follow the plan and budget for the holding
  • Transferring some referring books from the old database
  • In the part of budgeting there is a typical functionality allowing to use all the opportunities of the “1C:Manufacturing Enterprise Management”
  • There are written sources of the data getting in the subsystem for the realization of the plan-actual analysis. 

The number of workplaces: 203

Implementation term: 12 months

Business applications: "1C:Enterprise 8. Manufacturing Enterprise Management"