GK "Petrovich" JSC "Stroy-Group"

GK "Petrovich" JSC "Stroy-Group" is:

  • Successful work at the market of the construction material selling since 1995
  • Construction of the commercial buildings

Aims of the project

  • The top-priority of automation became the implementation of the finance block
  • Automation of the primary regulated accounting and finance reporting

Key Results

Due to the increasing of the processed information and necessity of the keeping the management accounting, the program products used before failed to satisfy the requirement of the company. The decision was taken to change the program.

The company has chosen the complex program product for the automation of the construction companies"1C:Enterprise 8. Construction company management" on the basis of platform "1C:Enterprise 8". As the partner for realization of the project was chosen the GC "SoftBalnce", which is well experienced in implementation of the "1C:Enterprise 8. Construction company management".

The top-priority of automation became the implementation of the finance block, automation of the primary regulated accounting and finance reporting. The work on implementation of the system included several stages:

  • Making up the test case
  • Fixing of the necessary changes
  • Commissioning

At first all the reference data from the previous accounting system and pay roll and HR systems was transferred. Then the remains for the beginning of the period were transferred to the new system. After all the transition of the data for the previous periods was realized. This helped to create the specific finance accounting.

Then some modifications of the “1C:Construction company management” were realized, adding the additional analytical tools.

At the moment the following subsystems are set into operation:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Taxation
  • Pay Roll
  • Cash flow management
  • Budgeting
  • CRM
  • SRM
  • Procurement management
  • Storage management
  • Prime-cost computation
  • Procurement planning

At the moment the production and technical department is being automated. This department is going to carry out the computation of construction works and estimate costs. Nowadays the system with the ready-to-operate blocks is set to the operation.

The number of workplaces: 15

Implementation term: 9 months

Business applications: "1C:Enterprise 8. Construction Company Management"