GK "Akros"

GK "Akros" has been working on the construction market of St. Petersburg since 2000. Nowadays the company provides the following service:

  • Road construction
  • General construction works (demolition, excavation works)
  • Renting of construction equipment (on-line order)
  • Eco consulting

The last several years can be defined as the rapidly growing activity of the company. Analyzing the fast growth of the company the management group made a decision for the development of the existing management system. The main direction became the implementation of the corporate ERP-system.

Aims of the project

  • Creation of the united information space. Its main advantage is an opportunity for getting efficient information for improvement of the management and business-system control.
  • Existing of the one insertion point for the primary documentation

Key Results

All the main goals were achieved. At the moment the following objects were automated and set into operation:

  • Bookkeeping, prime-cost computation
  • Taxation
  • Cash flow management
  • Administrative accounting
  • Pay Roll calculation and HR management

The number of workplaces: 51

Implementation term: 6 months

Business applications: "1C:Enterprise 8. Construction Company Management"